MEITAL DE RAZON is a singer song writer & a stage monster, known mostly in the EDM scene.
Her first breakthrough was with her duo project “Epiphony” (2008) that won her an international recognition & success, with releases on “Scream & shout” (Germany), “Armada” (Holland – Armin Van Beauren’s label), “Star 69” (NYC) & more.
Epiphony lasted for 3 years, and since then Meital has embarked on her solo career with international releases with DJ Offer Nissim, Skazi, DJ Yahel Flash brothers, Yinon Yahel & many more.
In the last year Meital has signed with the international booking agency “Hommega” (Skazi, Astriks, Mr. Black, Infected Mushroom) , with her all girl-show that includes a live vocal + a guitarist + dancers performance.


Meital has learned classic music training and piano playing at the age of 6, and has been performing on stages ever since, singing dancing and acting. Meital is a song writer, a composer, a lyricist and takes part in all of her music productions.
Meital has broke into the international electronic scene by collaborating with Mega DJ Offer Nissim at 2008 (Star 69 NYC) under the name “Epiphony”. Epiphony was a duo, composed of Meital & her producer. Together they created top hits that has won dance floor charts worldwide and performed live in Europe and South America for 3 years. Amongst their hits are “Out of my skin”, “Believe in me” “More than you know” “Break my world” “Million stars” “Drip drop” and more. At that time Meital has done a few solo projects, One of them is named “Love rehab” with DJ Chaim (BpiTch control, Berlin) which was a huge underground hit, it won first place on Ibiza radio for 4 weeks, and it was #1 in Greece in all radio charts.
After 3 years Epiphony broke off, and Meital has embarked on her solo career as “Meital De Razon”. Her first big hit was collaboration with Skazi & Mr. Black titled “Warrior”. Meital has financed the official video and the song became a massive hit worldwide.
At that same year Meital has released her song “My pride” with DJ Offer Nissim, a song which became a pride parade anthem and Meital is singing it till this very day in pride events all over the world, she has performs in TLV pride parade in front of 100,000 people, in NYC with the “PAPA PARTY” line, in Mexico city and more.
Meital has released a succession of hits, and in 2013 she has competed to represent Israel at the “Eurovision” contest, and won 2nd place with the biggest hit of the entire competition “Toda la Noche”.
On the same year, her song “You you” has entered a BBC TV show – “Lucky 7”.
At that same year – 2013, Meital has been offered to compose and co-write the theme song for the “UEFA” international games opened in Israel. Meital has composed and wrote the song and performed it with Israel’s top leading singer – Eyal Golan. Their performance was broadcasted to 44 nations live. : “Number 1 – UEFA show”.
In 2014 MTV has chosen Meital to lead their new campaign against Obesity in teenagers and young kids. The project was supported by the ministry of education and was broadcasted endlessly on all TV’s leading channels including MTV. This is the same project that was lead by singer Beyoncé in the US, in the same campaign.
Meital has started by that point working on her album, and during her work, in 2014 she has won the “Best act” award on the MTV music awards in Israel with the song “This whole damn world” and represented Israel in the European category as well.
Now in 2014 her debut album “End to start” is out and is starting to gain world success and Meital is about to embark on her USA – South America tour in February 2014.